A few years ago I had temporary custody of the massive 546 page TARDENT FAMILY HISTORY and GENEALOGY. This unique tome, kindly lent to me by an American Tardent descendant, is an incredible record of that family collated and produced by the late JULES TARDENT and published in limited edition posthumously in 1982. Also produced at the same time was an abridged edition, these two books covering the twelve main lines of TARDENT descent, the earliest dating from 1398. The quality and depth of TARDENT research is outstanding. The Queensland Shrapnels should have no complaints about the strong bloodline from which they descend.

Life is full of 'if only, etc' and my particular regret is that if only I had known JULES TARDENT and been able to share some of his enthusiasm. Having been involved in Family History for 16 years before he died I could no doubt have given some definitive help with the SHRAPNELL Roots section which regrettably contains a few major errors. Nevertheless, a much treasured book.