JAMES SHRAPNELL (1829 – 1912)


This family is based on JAMES SHRAPNELL born in 1929 at Bath in Somerset son of of JAM£S SHRAPNELL & ANNE SENDALL believed to be from Trowbridge.

JAMES enlisted as a private in the East India’s Company  in 1847 where he served for 21 years, subsequently becoming a Sergeant, East India merging with the Royal Artillery.

On July 28th 1849 he married TERESA HANAFEN, of Irish descent, at Gillingham Parish Church, the address

for both of them being given as Brompton, where the Army Barracks was situated

Over a 20 year period there are records of at least NINE children, three of them producing strong families to date. However they were born at varying locations as follows:

New Brompton, Medway, Gillingham, Plymouth, Lambeth, Woolwich and Alderney Cl (where MATHILDA was born in 1866).

In 1868 JAMES retired from the Royal Artillery at the age of 39 and became a pensioner employed at the Royal Military Academy where he remained for the following 20 years.

There were four principal lines of descent from JAMES and THERESA. These were from:

HENRY SHRAPNELL (1855 – 1932)




JAMES died at Brockley in 1912. His son-in-law W.E. Davis (husband of Mathilda) was present at the death.




Charles Edward Shrapnell was born at Gillingham on 23 Jan 1857 into a long serving military family. His father was James Shrapnell, a veteran of Waterloo and his mother was Teresa Hanafen of Irish descent.

His early years were spent in military quarters with his parents and seven siblings. Following family tradition he enlisted in the Royal Engineers in 1871 giving his age as 15. At that time his height was 5'2", complexion fresh, eyes hazel and hair brown.

In July 1888 he was promoted to Q.M.S. and to Sgt Major in 1894. Apart from Home Service he served in Mauritius, Malta, Cyprus, St Lucia and China.

He was discharged to retirement at Chatham in 1901. He had long service and good conduct medals and a second class Certificate of Education

His private residence in 1901 was 20 Llanover Road, Plumstead, Woolwich and his trade was stated to be carpenter.

In 1894 he married Harriet Lily Munt who came from Southsea and they had one daughter, Lilian Mathilda.


Subsequently they moved to SLOUGH where he became Town Councillor until his death in 1938 after a lifetime of public service.