This is how the building looked in the 1800's

before it was demolished in 1893


Members of the Shrapnel family once lived in Bradford-on-Avon where in the 17th Century they were prosperous clothiers. Land which was part of Rowley Farm was bought by Zachariah Shrapnel just prior to 1732 to add to that which the family already owned. It is difficult to be exact as to which Zachariah was which as there were four in precise succession. However, the Manor itself appears to have been bought from a Mr Bernard and is shown on the 1773 map of Wiltshire as occupied by Zachariah Shrapnell. This was clearly Zachariah III, 1723 - 1796.


However, the family lived elsewhere from 1780 until 1822, a matter of 42 years, as the Manor was tenanted during that period, including as a school in 1812. It would appear that the family were back there for only six years until 1828 when it was again tenanted as a farm this time by the Mizen family farming 160 acres.


The Mizens were there until at least 1861 after which for just a few years the Shrapnels were back in residence with one of the Mizen sons as a groom and domestic servant.


The Manor was sold in 1871 to Samuel Gauntlett, a florist of Trowbridge, succeeded by his widow who lived there until 1889 when the estate was again broken up.


It was sold in 1889 to Henry Summers Baynton who came to Midway Manor with Sarah, his bride of 4 months, in fulfilment of a childhood dream. However, 4 years later in 1893, Henry Baynton had the place pulled down and the present Manor built to his own specification.

Ack: Trowbridge History by Ken Rogers & Michael Marshman


Wingfield, Nr Trowbridge, Wiltshire